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Palmdale Water Store pure filtered water 5 gallon
(661) 273-8715

Store Hours

Monday - Friday
9 am to 7 pm
Saturday - Sunday
10 am to 5 pm
palmdale water store alkaline reverse osmosis


Lancaster Water Store alkaline reverse osmosis
(661) 802-7633

Store Hours

Monday - Friday
9 am to 7 pm
Saturday - Sunday
10 am to 5 pm
lancaster water store alkaline reverse osmosis
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Prepay and Save!

Now Offering Discount Prepaid Water Refills

$30.00 - 100 gallons

24 Hour Water Dispensers

Access our self-serve machines right outside our doors.
five gallon water refills alkaline reverse osmosis
alkaline reverse osmosis five gallon water refills
9.8 pH alkaline water for sale

9.8 pH Alkaline Water Available

Not Just Water

water coolers for sale

Water Coolers

temperature controlled water dispensers
water jug stands storage for sale

Jug Stands

water jug storage and dispensers
5 gallon glass water jugs for sale

Glass Jugs

durable high quality glass water jugs
water jugs and bottles for sale

Water Containers

5 gallon jugs and water bottles
BPA-free bottles available
buy Cleaning supplies for sale

Cleaning Supplies

Detergents, Sponges and other Household Items
buy air fresheners and other car accessories


car and personal accessories
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Chips and Candy
buy ice cream paletas and ice  for sale


Ice Cream, Paletas and Ice
buy energy drinks gaterade pepsi arazona juice  for sale

Soft Drinks

Energy drinks, Sports drinks, Juice and Sodas
make up for sale

Nail Polish and Makeup

variety of colors to choose from
natural remedies

Natural Remedies

organic supplements.
buy Tea and Natural Remedies for sale


Herbal Teas and Natural Remedies
hats for sale


adjustable sizes
earring studs for sale


qubic zarconia diamond cut studs
sunglasses for sale

Sun Glasses

eye protection in many styles
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Electronic Accessories

batteries, chargers and headphones
buy gifts and novalties


Novalty gift items
Buy incense  for sale


Large selection of Incense and Essential Oils